Our Approach

We are able to deliver end to end, customised solutions through  development strategies and investment plans to activate the relevant value chain. The combination of industry experience, partnerships, unique toolsets and skills deliver the results our clients require, when they require them.

Strategic Decision Enablement

Our approach to value chain development has distinctive features which are grounded in the principle that sustainable sourcing supply chains are designed from the market to the producer. We create value enhancing outcomes for all partners in the value chain through aligning primary agriculture drivers with what the market and buyer demand...

Key elements considered in strategic decision enablement include:

> Clarifying growth and investment objectives
> Understanding and focus on the sectors in which the value chain operates
> Focus on end markets and optimizing the value chain from market to producer
> Understanding the role of value chain governance
> Identifying and unlocking of the key intra-relationships in the value chain
> Facilitating changes in firm behaviour
> Targeting leverage points
> Facilitating the upfront choices as to where to focus and why

Value Chain and Market Analysis to Inform Investment Choices

Market and Value Chain scenario analysis:

Custom made in-depth market scenario analysis on the commodity and value chain as specified by the customer.

Value Chain Analysis:

In-depth, unique analysis on the total value chain in order to determine the current status as well as the potential status of the value chain.

Supplier analysis:

Supplier Landscape,profiles and economics.

Quantifying and Activating Value Chain Growth Levers

Offering specific solutions to enable:

Investment and Project Feasibility – from concept to cash flow

> Generation of alternatives and scenarios for investment decisions
> Business case development and decision support in any part of the value chain
> Assistance with structuring of investment finance
> Structuring for empowerment
> Assistance with choice and design of technology solutions

Factual measurement of investment impact to ensure sustainability

> Access to reporting platform to measure investment impact and sustainability across the chain
> Assist with reporting on sustainable agriculture programs, empowerment impact, farm and sector level forecasting
> Commodity hedging for key commodities.