Cassava and Sorghum Value Chains: Zambia

Zambia as a country is endowed with high potential soils as well as climate that allows for the production of various crops. Coupled with this is the ideal regional location of Zambia to serve as a regional hub for agricultural production in Sub-Saharan Africa. As part of a regional support partnership, Valuechainsolutions conducted an in-field analysis of the Zambian and regional starch markets with a specific focus on Cassava and Sorghum in Zambia.

A key output from this project was to gain an in depth understanding of the end to end value chain structure, financial flows and critical bottlenecks in order to implement a market led development strategy for the off-take of cassava and sorghum in the region. The insights generated an innovative local sourcing direction.

The farmer inspecting her crop.

Sorghum field in Zambia nearing harvest maturity.

Harvested sorghum aggregated at village level and ready for trading.

Cassava field in Zambia.

Peeled Cassava ready for secondary processing.

Post-harvest handling which includes peeling which is crucial for acceptable quality cassava.

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